Nick Britt is one of the top corporate entertainers, headlining on cruise ships, performing internationally for large brands & is always a guaranteed hit for conference entertainment. 


-numerous appearances on television

-multiple first-place awards

-worked with 3000 clients

-seen live by over 1 million people


Nick Britt understands that creating a unique & positive experience is everything when holding an event; Magic is a great tool to create laughter, wonder and atmosphere, helping break the ice and leave guests talking long after the event. 


sunshine coast magician nick britt engag



Roving Magic ” is the perfect entertainment for any event – whether you’re holding a cocktail party or large event, roving magic creates atmosphere and will leave a lasting impression on your guest’s.

Roving magic is visual & occurs right in front of your guest’s eyes, witness a borrowed $5 note turn into $100, a ladies ring vanish & reappear from an impossible location, mind-blowing card tricks & impossible things take place in the hands of the spectator , roving magic will break the ice leaving your guests with plenty to talk about.