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Five things that will take your wedding from good to great!

1. Your MC plays a huge role in setting the tone of the night

They’re a cross between a party coordinator and an entertainer. They also act as the glue that holds each part of the night together. Choosing an MC is a big decision. Not least because it’s a big responsibility but because an MC carries the torch of creating a great vibe. Let’s be honest, most couples know an outrageous uncle who can throw around a few inappropriate jokes or a sweet cousin who just knows just how to make everyone feel welcome. But in actual fact, you need a hybrid of the two - a top-notch joke maker and a seasoned event host to keep the party moving, the mood light and the sentimental touch just right.

2. Skip the rituals that don’t matter to you

Some brides hate throwing a bouquet while some grooms can’t wait to attach baked beans cans to the wedding car and drive around town! Some go for a more traditional type ceremony in a church with hymns and some just want to put a ring on it and get to the party ASAP. Rituals are important in a wedding but we’ve moved into a day and age where couples are no longer bound by what their predecessors…and your parents don’t get to invite 100 of their friends. So celebrate what makes you both unique and your guests will be thrilled to be a part of it!

3. Remember those fun activities between the ceremony and reception

There’s often an awkward period where the couple jet off for some photos and their guests are left to their own devices. Some skip away and start drinking at the local pub while others mingle around making small talk with those on the other side of the church. This is the time where you want to invite guests to the venue and set them up with some epic games to play. This is a great way for them to mingle over a shared activity and get in party mode so by the time you arrive, everyone is rearing to celebrate the happy couple! May I suggest the famous Swedish game, Kubb, the classic French one Pétanque, Giant Jenga or horseshoes.

4. Spurge on the most important things

What’s most important to you at your wedding? Is it the food, the fact everyone can make it, the venue or the epic dance party at the end? Figure out what you value and don’t be afraid to throw money at it. I have no doubt you’re aiming to do your wedding day once, so you need to be able to look back and say that you spent your money on the things that mattered to. Who cares if your sister had the table arrangement that blew up Instagram? You just do you.

5. Don’t get lazy with the first dance

Look, even if you’re not Patrick Swayze, everyone can move, so don’t get so lazy with the first dance that it becomes the hilarious Snapchat of the day. You don’t need to sign up to professional dance lessons, but a few slick moves can really make a difference. This is the moment that you and partner get a few moments of limelight (fortunately or unfortunately). So keep it lighthearted if you’re nervous and pick a fun song that’s not overly romantic. Billy Ocean is a great choice for something playful yet cute. And don't forget to do the dip so everyone can get a shot!

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